The School Mathematics Project
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The School Mathematics Project

‘SMP always seem to produce materials with quality written all over.’

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The School Mathematics Project is a non-profit educational charity dedicated to
providing teaching materials and professional support of the highest quality.

Our books and related materials are published by Cambridge University Press.

You can locate support materials through this site. Those that are downloadable
are free of charge and don’t require registration.

Email us if you have any problems with this site.

NEW downloadable e-resource finders linking SMP Interact to valuable digital
resources including selected activities on the MyMaths site

NEW See where SMP Interact addresses functional mathematics: follow the links
to contents below.

NEW response from the SMP to QCA’s overarching questionnaire on level 3 mathematics


SMP Interact for key stage 3

The comprehensive and up-to-date-course that supports discussion
and the exploration of ideas; the best preparation for functional mathematics
Contents, sample chapters

SMP Interact for GCSE

For the AQA, Edexcel and OCR two-tier GCSE, uniquely structured
for the wide range of attainment in the new tiers; continued
preparation for functional mathematics.
The students’ books are now available in projectable pdf format.
Contents, sample chapters, resource sheets, practice book answers

SMP AS/A2 Mathematics for AQA

Expertly written and an exact module-by-module fit to the current
Contents, sample chapters

SMP AS/A2 Mathematics for Edexcel

A refreshingly clear alternative to the ‘endorsed’ texts, providing full
specification coverage
Contents, sample chapters


International users

The comprehensive coverage and high quality of SMP materials make them
universally attractive. Wherever you are, if you teach mathematics to students
through the medium of English, follow the links to our materials and take a look
at what we offer: you can download a full contents description for each book to
see what will meet your teaching needs. Cambridge University Press publications
are available through good book suppliers worldwide, or contact your region’s
CUP office or agent


Older materials still in print

Some older materials, which no longer match curricular requirements and
therefore are not in CUP’s catalogue, are still in print and popular with some
users. Download a detailed list as a PDF.


Further information

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